Twitter and Facebook Loving Stay‐At‐Home Moms Are Cashing In

As a stay‐at‐home mom, you may find yourself spending some time on Facebook. Twitter or Instagram may be your social media hangout preference, or possibly SnapChat or Pinterest. If you are familiar with one or more of the  websites just mentioned, you are certainly not alone. The average person that hangs out on the Internet spends more than 2 hours every day on social media sites.

If you are going to be there anyway, and you could use some extra cash to pay your bills or buy that pair of shoes you have had your eyes on, why not use your Facebook or Twitter‐browsing skills as a source of income? You can act as a social media consultant or a virtual assistant handling social media marketing responsibilities and get paid for what you are already doing.

Where to Find Work as a Social Media Consultant

Upwork, Freelancer and Fiverr are just three websites which act as go‐between  that connect social media account managers and website owners. Imagine the following scenario.

You are a virtual business owner that has an e‐ commerce website, podcast, and blog. You have opened social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Between product creation, paid advertising, content creation, copy-writing, customer service, email marketing and social media interaction, there are simply not enough hours in the day to do what you need to accomplish.

If you were that type of person, reaching out to someone that can handle your social media marketing tasks for you just makes sense for a lot of reasons. It immediately removes those responsibilities from your to‐do list. Additionally, when you find someone who is already adept at interacting with others through social media, you employ someone who knows what they are doing in that area of expertise, which may not be perfectly suited for you.

Brick‐and‐mortar and internet business owners frequently enlist the aid of virtual assistants and freelancers to handle their social media tasks. Google and the other search engines like to see traffic moving from the popular social media sites to a website or blog. This tells the search engines what type of traffic they should be sending to those web properties.

Since most small and large business owners alike have plenty to do already, they are often more than happy to pay you to write status updates for Facebook and tweets for Twitter.

Getting Started as a Social Media Consultant

Browse the social media consultant listings on UpWork and Freelancer. Decide what types of services you would like to offer, and price them accordingly. To get started you may want to take on a few friends or family members for a nominal fee, or for free, to build a list of testimonials.

Once you do that, open an account at one of the freelancing websites just mentioned, and you could get paid as a stay‐at‐home mom to do something you are already doing.

Hope that helps!

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